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  • Could I have a list of books,video or whatever that I can read,whatch for learn how work finance,markets and everything there is to know, for to be conscious about what I'm doing.
    My level is really basic, I'm starting from zero knowledge and and nothing and obvious for me.
    Any help is appreciatewink
  • Hi Matteo,
    Please have a look in the thread where you introduced yourself. I put some good links into my welcome message:
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    Hello, I am also looking for books that could help me but I find it very difficult not because there is no available source rather the books that they are suggesting are really expensive. However, through the power of internet there are now available sources that can help me for free. If you have one as well, kindly suggest it I am really looking for sources like this.
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    I strongly recommend to use all lessons here on tradimo. If you need help or want to learn more effectively and strucured then think about our Premium Service.

    Kind regards

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