Looking for a broker

  • Iám looking for a broker who provides a trading journal besides a demo account.
    Can anyone point me in that direction?
    You are beeing appreciated!

    Greetz Patrick
  • According to our trading understanding we the traders basically choose our trading brokers. You should maintain distance from scam brokers. Specially from AAFX broker. They are a biggest scam. It is impossible to withdraw as they give you a bonus when depositing, but to really get the bonus or withdraw you are requesting to make an enormous trade volume, which never will reach. But I have lost more cause of their bad advices.
  • Thank you for your reaction.

    That must have been a couple of nasty lessons.
    I must admit that i am completly new to forex trading, and have just begun to study forex.
    I was wandering if there is a trustworthy broker that provides the service of a demo tradingaccount and a tradingjournal. Maybe later on i will transfer to real money, but that will only happen when i feel quallified enough. And when my wife lets me 😂. I have not roamed the forum enough so i do not kno if there is a topic about scam brokers, but this might be a good idea. Thanks again for your reaction. You are beeing appreciated. Greetz Patrick.
  • Deal with an online broker that gives the most advanced Forex trading on the market, which can also be an advantage for a new trader like you. Through this, traders are brought to a competent scope of trading experience. The benefits you might get are the accuracy of Forex quotes, reliable deal execution, good order placement, management of accounts, powerful tools and excellent customer service.
  • In this market place we the traders in particularly the newcomers try to earn money without any education. As a result, almost 90% traders are loser from this trading place. So, we have to make sure proper educational facilities for acquiring proper trading knowledge by learning. Nowadays, by and large regulated trading broker ensures exclusive educational facilities with free video tutorials.
    When looking for a broker there are many things that you have to check. According to my trading experience, first of all I will looking for in a broker is, if they are regulated or not. Then I will see their deposit and withdrawal system how it works. Now, I am using FreshForex broker which is regulated and for all time make sure security of funds at any deposit with easy withdrawal system without long time process.
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    One of the most important things you'll make has nothing to do with commodities, stocks or bonds. The hardest decision is picking a broker. There are dozens of companies offering brokerage services on the web. The most important thing you should ask yourself is the what are the benefits of trading with this broker. The competition in the market gets really stronger as traders look for brokers that are best in terms of trade execution.

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