Trading for a living.

  • Welcome to my discussion. Has anyone experience in trading for a living? Please share your experience on making the move from trading in your spare time/on a demo to trading for a living on a live account.

    I have two jobs, one during the day and one on a night, this week I have been off and traded all week. This means I have to squeeze my trading in when I can but still manage to increase my demo account by about £500 per week. I was offered a job this week for Barclays on a temporary 6 month basis. It would mean leaving both my jobs but would mean I have the freedom to trade during the day then work on a night but in 6 months time would have no job. Anyone any advice on what I should do? Do I attempt to trade for a living and hope I am successful within the 6 months or stick to learning and trading on a demo account?

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    Hi Tombaker,
    I am not trading for a living, but such a short leeway would not be enough for me. I am a fan of scaling and finding some sort of activity you can complement with your trading. I.e. part-time job and trading, doing some business where you can still trade perhaps on larger time frame, or very short time frame only 1-2 hours a day. Transition to be a full-time pro is very challenging when you actually have to MAKE all the money you need to cover your expenses. Not to mention that you will need huge amount of capital. At the very minimum 50K but more like 100K just in your trading account and then extra to live on and weather through tough times.
    These are my 2 cents.
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    Of course, last year I was just introduced in XXX and this has been a good source of my secondary income. Though there are times that I had a difficulty with their customer service but I was happy that the withdrawals are pretty decent. I am also planning to look for another broker but won't leave my current one because I am a witness on how trading gave me exceptional source of secondary income.
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  • cant say i was too lucky with that
  • Scalping refers to a style of forex trading in which traders open and close trade positions within a space of a few seconds or minutes. I am a scalper and doing scalping with my broker called FreshForex. They are allowing me for scalping and they did not ban my account also. They always working towards continuous technical innovations as well as striving to be as responsive as possible towards their trader’s goals.
  • Well it depends on what you are interested in. There is a nice possibility that if you do well at Barcalays' you might get offered a permanent job too.
    Its always worth trying out.

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