tradimo's business model

tradimo is an online school and community with the goal of supporting you in your path to becoming a better trader & investor. tradimo basic content is 100% free of charge.

tradimo is an online trading school and community.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader, we offer comprehensive lessons, videos, webinars and other types of support. In our community, you can ask any question and discuss any topics with our community and our experts.

The goal of tradimo is to support you in becoming a better trader & investor. Best of all? All of tradimo's basic content is 100% free of charge.

How does tradimo earn money?

tradimo earns money through advertising with our partners, which are regulated online brokers, banks and other financial institutions.

For every customer that signs up with an advertising partner through one of our links, tradimo receives a commission. In many cases, this commission depends on how much the customer trades.

tradimo earns money by advertising with our partners. Only a successful trader will bring success to tradimo. Therefore, tradimo strives to help and support its users become successful traders.

If a trader loses money trading, they will (and should) stop trading quickly. However, someone who becomes successful will make money and continue trading in the long term.

This in turn increases the revenue of the online broker and thus, will indirectly increase the commission that tradimo receives. This is why it is in our best interest to help and support our members in the best way possible and guide them on their way to becoming a successful trader.

Advanced trading and personal finance courses can be purchased for a one-off price and students receive lifetime access to the content. Courses, that are part of the Scholarship program, are available for free or at a substantial discount to eligible members. The Premium Service, that works individually with members helping them draw up their very own financial education plan, is subject to a monthly fee.

In a nutshell, there is a clear win-win situation between tradimo and its members.

The tradimo business model

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