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What to tell your friends

We have created some text we think can help you advertise your link on your website, post, blog, email etc. As long as your referral link is used, your users will be tracked to your account forever.

Please note: Sharing quiz answers is forbidden and may result in exclusion from the promotion.

Suggested text:

Join tradimo and learn to trade, then request your free €100 from Varengold Bank FX to put your new skills into practice. Simply complete 6 quizzes and follow these steps to collect your €100 bonus:

  1. Open and register as member
  2. Click the Free €100 link
  3. "Claim your Free €100" now and follow further instruction on the next page
  4. Pass 6 easy quizzes before your bonus can be transferred to your trading account – no deposit required

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Can I use a banner?

Yes. Feel free to create and use your own banner. However, if you would like to use one of the banners provided on this page, right-click and copy the image URL, then ensure you hyper-link the banner with your personal referrer link.

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How to share a link

Your personal referrer link can be found on our Tell-a-Friend page and is unique to you. Once a friend uses that link to register, they will be tracked to you forever.

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How to share a link on Facebook

When clicking share on the Tell-a-Friend page, your referral link will automatically be included. If your friend uses that link, they will be tracked to you forever.

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Do my referrals have to deposit their own money to earn tradimo points?

No, this Tell-a-Friend promotion was set-up in conjunction with Varengold and their Free €100 offer. Your friends can request their free €100, and as long as they make their first trade by September 30th, whether they deposit or not, you will receive €50 in your Varengold account.

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Is there a limit to the amount of money I can earn?

Varengold Bank FX

No. You can earn up to €50 per referred member. However, you can refer as many friends as you like.

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Where can I see my referred members?

We have created a summary page that is unique to you. On that page you will be able to see the details and earnings-per-referred friend.

Once your friend has has verified their email address, the page is updated automatically. Other details like, your friends' first trade or money credited to your varengold account will update overnight. Please note it takes 7 days after your friend has made their first trade to receive your €50.

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My friend says they have joined, but are not showing up. What do I do?

As soon as your friends have verified their account via email, they should appear on your referred friends page. If they do non't appear, you should also check with your friend that they used the tracked link when they registered.

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Why does my friend need to pass quizzes to receive free money?

The quizzes were created to ensure that your friend has sufficient knowledge before they embark on their trading career. This will help them trade safely.

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When does my Varengold account get credited?


7 days from the day your friend has made their first trade, your Varengold account will be credited with €50.

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How can I withdraw the Varengold TaF money?

If you wish to withdraw your reward, you must trade with 4 lots per each €50 TaF money.

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Does my TaF money ever expire?

Once you have your €50 bonus, you have 720 days to trade at least 4 lots, forex and/or German 30 Stock Index CFDs2. In order to receive your credit, your friend must also make their first trade before September 30, 2013.

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A friend forgot to use my referrer tracker link when registering. What can I do?

We can only assign a friend to you if they use your tracker link. Sadly, we cannot assign users retrospectively.

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