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CFDs are high risk investments and it is possible to lose more than your initial deposit.

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Step 2: Open your ayondo accounts

Open live account with ayondo

To start following and copying traders at ayondo you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Open an account on

  • Complete the online form and fill in the required information.
  • After completion you will be forwarded to ayondo markets where you will be required to open a live account.

2. Open a live account on ayondo markets

ayondo markets account
(the partner broker of ayondo)

Complete the process where you will be asked for the following standard account opening information:

- Personal details
- Financial and employment details
- Trading experience

If all performed correctly you will receive emails from ayondo markets confirming your account application.

Step 3: Verify your new account

As per FCA regulations ayondo is obliged to verify the identity of all their clients.

In the majority of cases this can be done automatically, however you might need to send further documentation to ayondo.
Please send the following documents to them as soon as possible:

  • Either contact ayondo by phone or email to supply your full passport number (the full number including chevrons ‘>’), your UK driving license number (if applicable) or your EU ID card number (if applicable).
    They will then verify your identity electronically.

If they cannot verify your identity electronically, please send:

  • A photocopy, fax or scanned copy of your passport, photographic driving license, EU ID card, fax or in some cases they also need a proof of address which you should send a scanned copy of a recent bank statement or utility bill (dated in the last three months; they cannot accept credit card or mobile phone bills). The documents do not need to be certified.

Why do they ask for this information?

For some reason ayondo has been unable to confirm your identity from the information you provided. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as choosing to ‘opt out’ of providing information to non-credit searching agencies, or because you may have lived at your current address for less than one year. Additionally, all non-UK clients must provide this extra documentation.

Step 4: Enter your ayondo account number

If everything is in order, you will receive an email from ayondo confirming that they have approved your application. When you receive that email confirmation, you are ready to start trading.

In order to receive tradimo points for your trading activity*, enter your new ayondo markets username you received here and click the save icon:


    *You must deposit money into you account in order to start earning tradimo points. You must not withdraw an amount equivalent to the initial deposit amount within 365 days in order to continue receiving tradimo points.


    Haven't received your ayondo markets user details yet?

    1. Go back to the previous step and ensure you have completed the account opening on ayondo markets
    2. Check your email Inbox for any emails you received from ayondo markets

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